Thursday, 18 April 2019

Epoxy dining table

The epoxy dining table is one the fastest range of dining table and epoxy combination and most the people love to have a beautiful range of epoxy tables,. Now I am showing some interesting design from Alibaba and Indiamart of a company name Rustic green.

Above design is made by 2 live edge acacia slab and epoxy filling between of them.

Industrial table base providing a lovely look for them.

This is also the same combination of the top with a different kind of blue colour used in resin. this epoxy table top is good for both dining and central table.

Heavy epoxy and wood top with 6 cm thickness of tabletop and heavy pipe base.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Chestfeild Leather single seater sofa

Leather chesterfield sofa made in real leather and good quality PU Foam with Polyester.
This is made in Jodhpur and there is any type of color and size we have done in Jodhpur.

We can also make this in Fabric, Velvet, Leather and Artificial Leather. There is a lot of design is developing with tufting process and Button.some time we use the button in the seat and some time seat will plan.

Also, second this we did change in the armrest of the sofa. below we are adding more design to understand.

Above single seater sofa made by high-end fabric and plan armrest for long. also, the antique gold button looks really nice on the sofa. we can do much change in legs as well.

 Half round back looks really nice and light grey leather with dark finish Sheesham wood legs

Monday, 9 July 2018

Cafe Chair on Indiamart from Jodhpur

Industrial furniture trend is growing in around the globe and Jodhpur is Indian Hub of Furniture.

More than 200 suppliers from Jodhpur doing business via Indiamart and We are showing few designs below from Indiamart one of the company based in Delhi and Have factory in Jodhpur.

This is a total Metal Cross back chair with an antique finish, this looks really nice and cheap price than a wooden sheet as the wooden sheet is the cost is 300vandrequired double process.

Below chair price is INR 1300 for Bulk order. 

Below is the same design as other colour and finish and we have many options with little change on the material colour and backrest  

Tolix range is also growing in different option and you can found many beautiful options of this.

Outdoor play big role to attract customers for dining and bar and below beautiful design look really nice.

Giron Leather chair with Cross leg round table option is also good for home and dine.

This really nice outdoor chair is one of the best sellers. this is made by rod and powder coated to protect for rust. 

We will add more designs soon to provide more option for you.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Cross Leg daining Table

below is one of design of Cross legs with wooden Top and Leather Chair

Monday, 13 November 2017

Markting Mix for Product and Services

1.      Type of Marketing
1.      Inbound - in this we promote our product and services in a way to attract customer or we motivate customer to contact us. I always prefer to do Inbound Marketing as it take less effort and good result in long term.
2.      Outbound - In this we contact our customer with use different way to Offer our Product or services . This is very good for quick result.

2.      We can also classified our  marketing in 2 way :
1.      Online Marketing : Internet is a biggest and cheapest medium for communication. and it is making world as a Global village . All activity come under this we can consider as online marketing. This is my favourite work as we can do marketing globally with the use of Internat.

2.      Offline Marketing : Internet is not only way of marketing or we can say all type of activity other than online come under Offline Marketing. If you want to grow fast you need to work on every possibility.

After brief introduction of marketing we can classified our all activity under 4 type
1.      Online Inbound
2.      Offline Inbound
3.      Online Outbound
4.      Offline Outbound
Please find below Activity we can do in marketing on the base of target sales Figure / Products / Advantage / Target Area / type of customer / Geo location .
We need to consider on every part for good return on Investment.

Online Inbound : This is my favourite and I have Four year experience on this specially for B2B Marketing And we can do lot of below in this Area
1.      B2B portal : We can start with website but I prefer to start with B2B portal as they provide good leads and most the customer aware of this ( we can start with 1 to 5 Portals) depend on Target sales and Budget. ( choosing good platform and good working is half of the win)
2.      Social Media : Near about every second person of Business is using social media so it is good to contact with customer without puzzling him. 9 We can start with 4 to 8)
3.      Website : It comes on third but is very important as if you want long term relationship with customer than you need to use your own Platform other Platform is good for getting customer there is no sense to instruct use other platform for connecting specially B2B portal .
4.      Product Posting : It is very Important part of marketing so we will discuss on this is 3 steps
5.      Content Marketing ; After product image and communication , content is Third Important thing to reach Target audience and it will important part of all above activity.  
6.      SEO. It is broad area and we will discuss on it step by step
7.      E-commerce Portal- This last but not least we will help to sale on this as there is many seller of each category
Offline Inbound : There is lot of traditional way of marketing so we will discuss about most of in this area Currently I am starting for business of Furniture and Handicrafts and this will cover most of the Topics
1.      Fair Participation . Most of the Buyer go for Fair so this is good way to contact Buyer and it is1 to 15 days process depend on the Fair and type we will cover most the topic and concern fair of your Business.
2.      Multiple office : we can open offices depend on buyer market or sourcing area 
3.      Franchisee model : We can appoint distributor in each area with margin sharing model ,
4.      Referral Marketing- If your quality is best you can use this
5.      Branding : this is separate process and it is for mostly B2C  
6.      Advertisement : We can use different add process depend on product or services
7.      Register in group ( we can register in EPCH or Fieo type group.
Online Outbound : Out Marketing is also good part of marketing mix.
1.      Bulk Mail : We can plan good strategy for bulk mail as we will get lot of data of above activity.
2.      Data gathering: It is important part of   outbound marketing in this we collect email and contact detail direct form Buyer website or online different directories.
3.      Social media : We can collect data with use of social media.
4.      We can buy custom data
Offline Outbound : It this we use other activity
1.      Visit customer / cold calling
2.      Calling on online and offline data
Catalogue , Product design , Price Place also Important topic to discuss